Why small business should move to cloud

True story – “We are moved to cloud”

I’m Cathy, a real estate service provider in London. We are a small business with a team of 10 members at this moment. We used to communicate with customers over phone and email.  Since we were using shared email services for our employees, we faced lot of issues. One of the main issues was we got a tons of spam emails every day along with virus attachments.  Employees are not techy people normally and as a result they open attachment in emails and that lead to complete data loss from our computers. Most of the attachments comes in the form of word document which says like “Payment Receipt”, “Invoice” etc.  This gives an impact that these are genuine emails and even our Antivirus was unable to block it.

We had already tried few leading antivirus such as Symantec Antivirus, But Spamming and Virus attack was continuing.  I came to know about Hostingahead.com through my friend who has purchased dedicated server from them for his web hosting purposes. After seeing their cloud service, I talked with them and they gave me the right solution. Now my emails are 100% safe. All Spam & marketing emails are filtered by their filtering software very well. The implementation of the security solution was immediate and it did not cause any downtime to our business.

This is what they offered me and installed.

  • Installed a piece of software on each computer. These are very light weighted unlike other antivirus. This endpoint software will act as an Antivirus to protect from virus and malwares
  • Secondly I purchased their Web security Solution. Using this service, I can protect my network as per my company policy. I can block all unwanted websites and that improves productivity of our team as well.
  • Finally the great Email security service. I really loved this as I Can see all filtered emails using a separate login. Hosting Ahead installed all these for me and I am proudly say “I am a delighted customer”

All these were combined and they gave me a solution as suggested https://www.hostingahead.com/cloud-infrastructure-services