How CloudFlare increases speed and security of your site

26. January 2017 Default 0
Hosting Ahead is a CloudFlare Partner now This is a guest post written and contributed by CloudFlare.  CloudFlare makes it easy for any site to be as fast and secure as the Internet giants. CloudFlare, a web performance and security company, is excited to announce our partnership with Hosting Ahead! If you haven’t heard about ...

Christmas 2016

19. December 2016 News 0
Thank you for your continued support and for the confidence that you have placed in us. The Holiday Season is here and we have a gift for you!. Drop us an email at [email protected] to place new orders and grab your gift before it’s too late! Offer valid till end of this December

G-suite for India

28. November 2016 Default, News 0
There is no question on Google’s reliability.  Earlier google was providing email and another services such as calendar drive, GTalk, Google docs under the label “Google Apps. Now google has used another term called G-Suite and this covers all of these awesome services. Business Email Every company need business email though there are still companies ...

CloudLinux 7.3 update for older kernels

22. November 2016 News, Security 0
Official announcement from CloudLinux  Are you running an older kernel? This might cause server crashes during CloudLinux 7.3 update. Here is how to upgrade safely. During the recent update to CloudLinux OS version 7.3, some servers have crashed due to a race condition between kmem uncharge and charge reparenting. The issue is not present on ...


We all started to hear about ransomware attacks when they first became popular in 2005. However, the first instance of a ransomware attack goes back to as far as 1989. Although this malicious practice started taking place in Russia, it has been international for quite a long time now, much to the dismay of everyday ...