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If you are tired of managing your servers, you are at the right place now. Leave server tasks to us and that's our part. People often buy dedicated servers and do not manage it properly and sooner the server gets blacklisted. This happens due to many reason. You may be using vulnerable plugins or your code is not secure. This will give opportunity for hackers take control on your server and taking server as well. We ensure maximum security on server side to block vulnerable code being executed on the server.

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Managed Server Features

Hosted somewhere else ? We can manage it $150/mo

How Do We Manage Your Server?



When you buy a dedicated server or VPS from a hosting provider the server is installed with default configuration. Tuning up the server and securing is your responsibility. Hosting provider does not do this or they charge at least $100/mo from customers as managed charges. We take care this part and configure the server properly, tune the server for best performance, install firewall and tightening security, configure backups and alerts..



Normally, customers are not aware when the server is down or something is bad. For example the server performance may be coming down after few months and customers are not aware of it. The reason can be any process over usage, any hardware issue or some of the web application puts over loads on the CPU, RAM or I/O. If your server is not maintained by an experienced server administrator you are opening doors to hackers. .


Server Alerts

We setup server alerts using our own custom monitoring software so that we can proactively work on the server. For example there may be a website on the server is being hacked and started sending thousands of emails within short time span. Our script will be triggered automatically and do necessary action to stop the script being sending emails again


Resource Monitoring

There may be some website scripts which is consuming excessive amount of CPU, RAM or I/O and this will affect all hosted sites unless the server is configured properly or not acted immediately. We do take care this part.


Services Monitoring

Service monitoring is another part and here we will be notified whenever a defined server service is down or not responding. This includes HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, SSH and any custom services. .



Not all hosting providers give you a free external backup and we provide this. Backup is very important for all serious hosting providers. If the server hard drive got crashed and accidental file deletion, then the situation will be worst if you don’t have a proper backup system. We keep all account data on to local storage as well as a remote backup location to ensure that we have daily backups at any time.


Updates and Patches

All software providers may have periodic updates or patches. If you do not manage the server properly you will miss these updates and again the server becomes vulnerable. These are all not done automatically on all servers. All updates should be properly configured on the server and up-to-date with news from providers to act immediately in case of any issues.


Roll back faulty patches

There may be bugs on new updates and once we install it the server may go down or some services may be stopped. If your server is not managed by an expert there is chance to downtime and service interruption. We take care this part.

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